Picking a Snack, a not-so-easy task.

Sometimes I have a very difficult time picking a snack, I get conflicted with what I want and what the Eating Disorder wants. I know being in recovery I should automatically pick the food I'm truly craving, but it isn't always that easy. Click on post to read more!

Body Image and Stress.

When I get stresses out my negative body image in creases dramatically. Earlier this week I stressed about a comment I heard, and ever since I heard that comment my negative body image is horrible. Click on post to read more!

Mirror, Mirror.

Standing in front of you mirror, I look at myself, most times I'm able to pass by you without giving into your taunting reflection, but in this moment I can not, you have lured me in, dragged me towards you. Click on post to read more!


Im not sorry anymore, I didn't want to struggle with an Eating Disorder, I didn't ask for it. So instead of expecting me to apologize, to beg you for forgiveness, please just hug me close, make me feel loved and appreciated, please don't shame me anymore for my struggles. Click on post to read more!

Benefits Of Recovery!

I had a really hard weekend with my eating disorder this past weekend, it has been extremely loud and really put me down and in a low mood. So this morning I've been looking back on my recovery journey so far, reflecting on all the benefits recovery has given me, reminding myself why I'm in recovery and giving myself inspiration to stick to my recovery. Looking back on my journey so far in recovery I have have come a long way, though I know I still have ways to go, the progress I have made so far makes me so proud of where I am today. So I wanted to share a few of the things that inspire me to keep striving towards full recovery, and I hope they can inspire you too! Click on post to read more!