Round Top Texas


In March I went on a girl’s trip with my Mum to Round top, Texas, there was a massive market going on that spanned over acres and acres of land! Tents were sent up in rows and each one contained unique vintage, antique, and handmade items! I’m obsessed with vintage/antique items, I love how each piece contains a secret life before reaching your hands, it leaves you wondering who it belonged too before and how it exactly made its little way to you. I love the history, the styles and the fashions that these vintage/antique items represent, they are so unique!

Anyway! Back to the market, you will definitely need walking shoes when you go because it really is a hike to get around, I also had some cliff bars in my bag which were great when I was hungry in the middle of a giant market (seriously hard core shopping)! PS.) If you are vegetarian, there are local restaurants that serve really great options such as leak and black bean enchiladas, and veggie burgers with fries, but in the actual market fields I couldn’t find any veggie options at the food stands!

Throughout the market I found some very cool items, including designer clothes and accessories at really affordable prices which I wasn’t expecting to find, as well as some very cute vintage finds! If you love to rummage through miles and miles and antiques this place is definitely for you!

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