Shrimps Ready to Wear Fall Runway

Shrimps debuted their first ever runway show at London’s fashion week last month, and of course it was AMAZING. Hannah Weiland, the brands founder and creative director, source of inspiration for the collection came from Greek mythology. Although Greek mythology was the main source of inspiration for the collection we see a groovy twist on the ancient styles with that of the more recent flair, and of course Hannah Weilands amazing style.

The shows backdrop was created by artist Ryan Driscoll and depicts incredible watercolour painting of ancient Greek mythological figures in a beautiful whimsical way and color scheme.

For me I am a personal lover of ALL THINGS SHRIMPS! I love the brand and everything the brand creates, but if I had to choose some favorites from this runway show it was be the images shown below. All in all, I love the fabrics used throughout the collection, and of course the signature faux fur coats! I’m also going to need to save up for a huge handbag budget because I’m obsessed with all the new styles of handbags shown on the runway! Especially the pearl chest shaped bag and the large pearl alphabet tote, MUST HAVES!!




All images from the Shrimps Website and Instagram page.

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