I wrote this little poem because today has been a struggle, body dysmorphia  has been acting up in very unkind ways, and I challenged the eating disorder despite it. Overall I know challenging the eating disorder is the only way to get rid of it, but immediately after you challenge it, thoughts aren’t that friendly, and its difficult to deal with. I wrote this poem based on how I’ve been feeling, and some of the questions in my mind. Poetry helps me during my struggles, and I hope it can help you too. Despite how hard and frustrating the eating disorder thoughts can get we must continue to challenge it, to beat it, and also recognize its not easy, but that we can fight it.



My clothes feel tighter,

I am anything but lighter.

Heads filled with tread,

while my bodies fully fed.

I’m looking at the floor,

It’s a confusing war.

Do I resist the demons roar?

Or start to give it more.


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