England Trip 2018!

This past December my Mum and I went on a girl’s trips to visit family in the U.K. before the Holidays. It was such a nice trip to hang out with my Mum one on one, hang out with family, and have a much-needed break from my normal day to day routine. I took the time off of work, and luckily, I am getting my degree online, so it can travel anywhere with me through my laptop!

We flew on Singapore airlines into Manchester, and it was such a lovely flight. It was my first time flying on this airline, I loved it and will definitely be flying with them again. When we boarded the plane, the inside was decorated for the Holidays with little wreaths hung above the planes windows, and Christmas music playing through the overhead speakers. The staff was lovely and really made flying during the holiday seasons a delight!

Once we landed in Manchester we caught a cab to drive us to Stoke-On-Trent, the little city in Northern England where my family is from.

Of course, the weather while we were there was freezing, which wasn’t a surprise! We bundled up every day in thick winter coats and boots, to help us brace the cold rainy weather. Our trip was very family orientated which was lovely, I don’t get to see my family as often as I would like so it was nice to have a trip just to do that!

We went shopping, high street as while as antique stores, which I love! I managed to find a couple cute vintage finds by rummaging through mounds and mounds of clothes in one antique shop! (I will do another post soon talking about some vintage finds I’ve found, not only in England but also here in the U.S.A and also online!)

I definitely need to mention the fact that while I was there I devoured all my favorite British foods that I miss! This included mostly cookies and cakes, but also included M&S. Marks & Spencer’s is literally my favorite grocery store ever, I could literally just eat their everyday forever! They have great ready to go foods done by their own brand, and it is literally all delicious, when I lived in London I would shop here all the time!

The trip overall went in a blink of an eye and next thing I knew we were flying back home and suddenly it was Christmas time! It was so much fun and I’m looking forward to visiting again in 2019! 🙂




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