My Tattoo

Finally got the tattoo of my dreams last week on October 5, the two year anniversary I was released from impatient treatment!

This tattoo is really symbolic to my recovery journey, the Lotus flower was the logo of the treatment center I went to in Miami, and not only that but it is a flower that must grow through mud to become the beautiful flower it is, it’s strong and persistent which I see as my recovery journey. The symbol above it is the eating disorder awareness symbol to remind me everyday what I’ve been through. This tattoo reminds me how i must be like the Lotus flower pushing/growing through mud, I must push past the eating disorder in order to bloom into the person I’m truly meant to be.

I designed this tattoo myself because I couldn’t find one that was what I wanted online so I drew my own. Im so glad I did because I was able to combine and create my dream tattoo, and make it personal to my own recovery journey. I love seeing it on my arm everyday because its a constant reminder to myself that I am strong, and I can fully recover from the Eating Disorder.

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