Austin, TX!

This past weekend my boyfriend Lundan and I took a long weekend trip to Austin, TX! It was so nice to have a small break to relax and explore Austin.

We arrived in Austin Thursday afternoon and checked into are hotel. We stayed at The Line Hotel, which I would definitely recommend, the staff were so polite, and the décor was beautiful. Our room overlooked the famous Bat Bridge on Lady Bird Lake which made watching the sunset/sunrise from our window gorgeous. Across the street from The Line is a quirky food hall called Fareground. We stumbled upon this place on our search for food and it was delicious. Fareground is like a classy/hip food court with many different options of food making it the perfect place if you don’t know what you fancy or if everyone wants something different! Lundan and I went to Ni-Komé in Fareground and ordered ramen, which was super yum. (Side Note: The extra spice paste here is incredibly spicy!!) After dinner we had a little evening stroll along Congress to explore what was close to our hotel, then went back to our room to relax.

Friday, we woke up and wondered over to The Austin Toy Museum and ended up spending hours there! When we first arrived here we were surprised by how small the museum was, it consisted of a relatively small room full of cabinets with toys and at first glance doesn’t look like a place to spend hours but trust me its looks are deceiving!! The cabinets of toys dated all the way from the 1930’s to modern day toys and dotted around the rooms are old-school retro games such as Oregon trail and Old Nintendo consoles that you can play. The game I chose to conquer was The Oregon Trail, the game was set up on an 80’s Apple II computer and had a sign next to it saying if you made it to Oregon you got a free magnet. As soon as I saw this I knew I needed to win the magnet haha!! One trip to Oregon later, I had my free magnet, made the top 10 list, and was super proud of my little self for the rest of our trip and even now!

On Saturday we went to The Texas State Capital Building and wondered around admiring the architecture and details the building had. We then walked on over to The Blanton Art Museum, which I LOVED! The museum is a whole lot bigger than I thought it would be, and its full of art from all around the world and different time periods! I had a blast, it’s a great museum to check out!! That evening Lundan and I relaxed by the hotels infinity pool, which was lovely.

Sunday, we adventured on over to South Austin where I discovered an ADORABLE vintage shop called Bloomers and Frocks. The store is full of vintage clothes dating from the 1920’s – 1980’s, and the lady working there was so helpful and sweet! I left the shop with a beautiful 1960’s coat, which I will definitely do a post about when the weather gets cooler! We spent hours exploring South Austin, which was tons of fun and probably my favorite part of Austin! We went into so many fun quirky shops, one of our favorites being Big Top Candy Shop which is full if delicious goodies!! Late afternoon we went to the Mexic Arte Museum (which is free on Sundays!), then we grabbed some pizza at a place called Modern Market!

Monday morning we checked out of The Line, grabbed some breakfast at one of my favorite cafes, Caffé Medici, then headed on over to Voodoo Donuts on 6th street to get some donut goodness! Lundan ordered The Homer donut (based off of the classic Simpsons donut), and I order the Voodoo doll donut (which was a jelly filled voodoo doll shaped donut with chocolate frosting!)! This place has the most DELICIOUS DONUTS that I have EVER had, if you are ever in the Austin area go to Voodoo donuts, it’s amazing! On our way out of Austin we stopped by Uncommon Objects, which is an eclectic antique store full of all kind of odds and ends! I loved rummaging through the shop and left with a little vintage teddy bear that is now sitting on my desk!

All around our trip was so fun, and Austin is a really great quirky place to visit, I will definitely be going again!!

Keep Austin weird! 🙂


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