Self-care tips for when life gets you stressed

For me self-care is an important part of my recovery process, it gives me time to relax and try to take my mind off of all the worries going on when I’m stressed out with general life things or sometime recovery (because it is mentally draining constantly battling an eating disorder), self-care really helps me out.

When I first started my recovery journey I didn’t know self-care strategies but over the years I’ve learned the ones that work best for me and help relax me. Today I wanted to share some of my favorite ones because sometimes when you need self-care the most you can’t think of what to do, so here are my personal favorites that I hope can help you too!


  • Lighting a candle, getting cozy in a blanket, and reading a good book. Ok so for this one it is something I love to do in the fall and winter time, I love the scents of the candles that come out this time of year and I feel it’s just a perfect season to enjoy this self-care activity! You can definitely do this all year round, but for me personally it helps me best in those seasons!


  • Taking a warm shower. This is something I do every single day, I absolutely love just standing in the shower and focusing on the water, it calms me and takes my mind off of things.


  • Going on a mindful walk. Taking a small walk outside in nature is probably my number one self-care ritual, I love exploring and observing nature. Sometimes I listen to music, sometimes I don’t, it just depends on the mood I’m in, but either way taking time to walk and notice the things around me helps me be thankful and relaxed.


  • Creating Art. You don’t have to be an artist to create, for me a lot of my art is revolved around school and to take a break sometimes I just need to put that aside and create my own art that isn’t for anyone but me.


  • Learning to embrace mistakes. Not everything I do is perfect, rarely anything is and I’m ok with that, by learning to embrace my mistakes I’m less stressed and happier. An example of this in my everyday would be when I’m drawing, and I make a “mistake” I’ve learned to not throw it aside and start over but rather pursue it and see where it takes me. Rarely anything in life is perfect so we all might as well learn to go with the flow and make the most out of these situations.


  • Journaling. I see this one a lot when people talk about self-care, and it is something I do practice but for me I don’t do it every day, I only journal when I feel inspired to do so. The thought of making myself journal everyday stresses me out, so I’m not forcing myself too. I have a journal and when I want to write I know it’s there.


  • Calling someone. Whether it’s my boyfriend or my parents, calling and talking to someone is a great self-care strategy. I do this one a lot when I’m feeling low because it helps remind me I’m not alone even though I may feel like it.


  • The last one I’m going to write about today is Napping! This one can be a tricky one and I have to really ask myself “Why do I want to take a nap?”. Talking a nap is super relaxing when I’m tired and need to rest, it’s a great self-care for that. But for me napping can also be an avoidance strategy, the other week I was lying in bed ready to nap when I realized I’m not even tired but rather sleeping for boredom and/or sadness. It’s a tricky one but can definitely be a great self-care strategy when used healthily and for the right reasons!


I hope these help you out a little bit if you need some self-care (which everyone does), they definitely help me out! If you have any self-care strategies that help you feel free to comment below, I’d love to hear them!




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