Progress not perfection.

Today I’ve been reflecting a whole lot on my recovery journey so far, and how this week has really tested my limits with stress. Along with my Eating disorder recovery process I’m also learning how to manage my OCD along with it. I have really bad OCD about illnesses/other things and this week the worst happened, my Mum was rushed to the hospital with chest pains. I’ve been extremely stressed out and worried this past week but I’ve manage through the stress without using any unhealthy habits, and that shows me how far I’ve come. Thankfully my Mum is ok after days in the hospital, I’m so incredibly blessed for her, she is so amazing and such a support to me. I thank god she is ok, and that I’ve come so far in my recovery. If anyone is struggling with being in recovery and having to handle stressful situations just keep in mind that relapsing is not the way to deal with it. It may feel right but it’s just the mind playing tricks, everyone including you will be healthy and happier. Remember stay strong, you got this.

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