Ok so this summer I haven’t planned any vacations or anything so far, but something I do plan on doing is writing a list of fun and random things to do, to bring more excitement into my every day! So here is my list of everything I want to do by the end of August!!

(PS. I’ll take photos and stuff and do another blog post then to show the things I’ve done and write about how they have brought excitement and adventure into my every day!)


  • Explore Houston more, go to new places!
  • Find a cute vegetarian restaurant and have a meal there!
  • Eat ice cream on the beach!
  • Go to a Zoo and pet animals!
  • Go out dancing!
  • Wear red lipstick!
  • Smile every day!
  • Write a positive affirmation down every day!
  • Journal more often!
  • Bake and decorate a delicious cake!
  • Try a new drink I’ve never had!
  • Go explore a local garden, and sketch scenes there!
  • Sketch in pen, no pencil, embrace my mistakes!
  • Wear light blue eyeshadow!
  • Have an alcoholic drink on my 21stBirthday!
  • Wear a purple outfit!
  • Dress up fancy for a meal out!
  • Go to an art museum!
  • Make a Pizza from scratch!
  • Wear yellow eyeshadow!
  • Paint my nails white!
  • Pick seashells off of the beach and put them in a jar!
  • Make a delicious smoothie and drink it by a pool in a swimsuit!
  • Laugh, just laugh!
  • Buy and wear a cute sun hat!
  • Get a tattoo!
  • Book a weekend trip!
  • Start learning Italian!
  • Have a picnic!
  • Dance like no one is watching!

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