Houston Museum of Natural Science

I am completely obsessed with museums, it doesn’t matter what kind of museum it is I just absolutely adore wondering aimlessly throughout corridors and rooms looking and reading about things.  So last weekend I sought out The Houston Museum of Natural Science and made a day trip there with an old friend who was in town.

When we got there, we were very surprised by the amount of people in line to buy tickets, it was a massive queue! I’m not sure why we thought it wouldn’t be that busy because who doesn’t love Science! Once we got our student discounted tickets (less money spent = happy me) we entered the exhibitions!

First thing when you walk in is the DINOSAURS, I got really excited as we walked around in awe of their ancient stature. I mean who couldn’t be excited to see that these amazing creatures once existed! We then walked through the animal/wildlife exhibits and then made it too the gem room, which is a very dark series of rooms.

Gems and minerals are surrounding you once you walk into this gorgeous exhibition, all with an individual light shining on them reflecting the beauty and color which lay in their surface. This was my favorite part of the museum, to see these gems and minerals that the Earth so delicately and beautifully made is truly breathtaking.

Next was the mummy exhibition, mummies have always fascinated me the history behind them is so detailed and interesting to learn. The series of rooms in which the coffins, bodies, and artifacts were held where all mesmerizing and full of information.

The museum was about to close so quickly before heading out we stopped in the gift shop and laughed at the stuffed toy organs with faces on that you could buy and looked at the replicated artifacts for sale.

It was a lovely day at the museum, I highly recommend it for a day out, especially in this hot Houston summer weather it provides a great refuge, with air conditioning!!



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