Gucci Cruise 2019 Show.


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The Gucci Cruise 2019 show/collection is absolutely spectacular to see. Although I watched it from the comfort of my home in my pjs in Texas, the shows stunning details and story managed to grab me and draw my attention in as if I were there in person.

The show was set in Alyscamps, a Roman necropolis located in Arles, France, it transported you to an new era where ancient and modern times clash together. Church candles and smoke filled the air as models waltzed out in intricate designs. Composed of 114 looks in total, each and everyone proved to be stunning and uniquely different. Something I found really beautiful is that some outfits featured verses by Italian poet Dante Alighieri, an artist who also found inspiration from the Alyscamps.

In the images above I picked out my personal top 20 favorite looks, which I had a very hard time trying to narrow down because the whole show was absolutely amazing. The pieces that really stood out to me was the gown embroidered with an extraordinary embellished rib cage, and the white see through gown embroidered with delicate flowers and feathers. Also the makeup in this show really got my attention it was so fun and stylish, and I think I have actually convinced myself to do my lipstick black now with extreme dramatic points, that would totally be acceptable on my grocery store runs, right?!

Allover, Gucci did an amazing job, from the detailed embroideries to the poetic quotes, this show captured the ancient beauty and historical significance the Alyscamps has, as well as the outrageously classic Gucci style.


Photo source:

Jilliansollazzo. “Gucci Cruise 2019.” WWD, WWD, 30 May 2018,!32/gucci-cruise-2019-32.


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