Aztec Secret Face Mask.

Ok so I have heard a lot about this Aztec Secret face mask, there are so many good reviews about how it has does wonders for peoples skin. So when I saw it in a local supermarket while I was on the quest for a new face wash I decided that I would give it a go!


So to start, I washed my face to remove my makeup and then went on to mixing the clay powder with warm water to form a paste. The instructions on the jar say that you can mix the clay powder with Apple Cider vinegar as well as water, but I chose to just use water because I wasn’t sure how my sensitive skin was going to react with the clay. So for starters, it says do NOT use a metal bowl or a metal utensil to make the paste with, I’m assuming it has something to do with the reaction of the two? IDK! LOL! Anyway, I gathered a ceramic bowl and plastic spoon and began my clay creation. I ended up using too much of the clay powder, and then I put too much water in that was needed for the amount of clay powder I had in my bowl, but oh well the show must go on!


Once I had mixed my beautiful liquid clay mess, I slathered it on my face, and waited 20 minutes until it had fully dried, to my surprise, despite how much water I made it with it still worked and dried like clay normally does. I hoped in the shower to wash the mask off, and then continued with my normal night time skin care routine.

Side note: The jar says that you may experience some redness after using the mask but that it should go away in 30 mins or so. Me personally I didn’t experience redness, but just incase anyone else does, don’t freakout right away…….just freak out after the thirty minutes are up!


Fast forward to the next morning, my skin felt smooth and all the spots I had before had dried up and began fading away! I would recommend this mask for anyone with combination, oily , or acne prone skin because it really helps get rid of blemishes, as it did with my own!

(Just a reminder! Add the water carefully and slowly until you find the texture you desire. Next time I use this mask I know I will add less water to have more of a paste texture rather than a liquid one, and I will use less powder too.)

Has anyone else tried this mask? Tell me what you think about it?

Comment Below!

XOXO!  🙂

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