My Current Skin Care LOVES!

Ok so the other night I was standing in front of my mirror thinking about how much I love skincare products, I don’t know why but I’m obsessed with trying new things out! Currently my obsession is Natural Skin care products! (After realizing I didn’t know almost all the ingredients in my old moisturizer, I decided it was time for a change.) So, I dabbled down the road into Natural Skin care items and these are my absolute favorites so far!

P.S.) there are a lot of cocokind products listed below I cannot say it enough how awesome their products are, they are all natural and a little goes a long way with all their products, so you can’t blame me for being obsessed!!


Cocokind Organic Matcha Moisturizer.

Ok so when you first open the jar you might be slightly confused, at least I was! The form of this product changes depending on the temperature it is in, and when I first opened it was in winter and it was cold, so the product was a solid, which definitely surprised me. But luckily for me the little jar came with a little paper explaining the products uniqueness and how no matter what form it works all the same! Whether it’s a solid or slightly like liquid just rub the stuff on your clean hands and rub onto the face and neck and soak in all the coconut glory!

Also remember a little goes a long way!


Cocokind Rosewater toner.

I used to use a rosewater toner years ago, but then the store I got it from stopped selling it and I was lost…that is until I discovered this toner by cocokind! This is the first product I brought by this brand and it is definitely what got me hooked on it! I love the light rose smelling misting spray it gives, it’s such a relaxing product, and I’m always using it!

Mad Hippie Facial SPF.

This is a new product I picked up from whole foods when I was in New York, and I am loving it. Every single morning, I always put a moisturizer on with SPF, because the sun can cause lots of damage to the skin even if you are not sitting out in it, and here in Texas it get really hot so this is a must for me!


Cocokind Organic Facial Cleansing Oil.

I always used to wash my face with a soap cleanser until I read that oil cleansing is a lot better for the skin, so I picked up this one by cocokind and gave oil cleansing a go! I much prefer oil cleansing now because it doesn’t dry up my skin like soap cleansers used too, and my face feels so much smoother! Before cleansing I do use a face wipe to take off most of my stubborn makeup, because no cleanser (soap or oil) can completely get all my mascara off!


Burt’s Bees Sensitive Eye Cream.

Eye Cream!!! Always using this stuff because despite the amount of sleep I get it still somehow isn’t enough for my eye bags to not show…. Like what on earth do you have to do to get rid of those puffy things!!!! Anyway, I digress, this eye cream by Burt’s Bees in incredible and is a staple morning and night in my skin care routine.

Burt’s Bees Chapstick.

I have been using Burt’s Bees chapstick for the longest time now, honestly for me it’s the only chapstick that doesn’t dry out or irritate my lips! The flavor photographed is Vanilla bean, but I have lots of other flavors too because they are all great to me, the original Mint one is probably my favorite though!


So, there are my current skin care loves! Let me know what yours are or if you have tried any of the ones mentioned in this post!!

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