Dear Dentist.

Ok so the other day I went to the dentist office for a routine checkup, and my dentist found a little cavity on one of my teeth. I felt bad about it as soon as she said it, which is a part of the ridiculous feeling I have that I need to always be perfect and a little cavity is unacceptable. But to make things worse she went on to say:

“Do you eat a lot of sweets? Drink lots of sugary drinks? What about candy, do you eat a lot of that?”

Honestly, I just sat there like what-in-the-world… She sparked ALL sorts of triggers for the Eating Disorder to latch onto…. for starters, sweets are something I’m working on with my nutritionist. I’m challenging myself to desserts after a meal, or sweet snacks, and telling myself how every food fits and sugar is one of them! And yet despite my struggles there I sat being sugar shamed by the dentist, who knows about my eating disorder history.

After she said all that, I spent the next couple of minutes reframing my thoughts and reminding myself just how the eating disorder will use anything against me in order to convince me to go back to its evil ways. I helped myself out, gave myself a mental high five, told myself good job and moved on.

But then she didn’t stop… she asked:

“How is the whole eating disorder thing going on?”

Like what in the world… the whole eating disorder thing????

Oh…, you mean the deadly illness that plagues tons of people causing them to struggle and fight for their lives, well that’s going great. (PLEASE NOTE THE SARCASM!!)

Honestly why would someone say that so casually? I just turned to her and said:  “my recovery is going good.” I ended that conversation quick, but not before she went on to tell me that full eating disorder recovery isn’t possible and how I will always have to live with an eating disorder… WHAT?!?! LIKE DID SHE SERIOUSLY SAY THAT???!!!

Ok so if anyone was wondering what to say to someone recovering from an eating disorder it is NOT ANYTHING SHE SAID!!!

Reminder to everyone struggling with an eating disorder/disordered eating, FULL RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!

You are going to run into these situations and these kinds of people who just don’t understand, hopefully not as ridiculous as this lady was), and its super hard to have to hear, I know, but don’t let it affect your recovery, remind yourself that you are recovering for you and to be able to live the incredible life that you were made to live! Don’t let triggering people get in the way of your recovery, remind yourself always FULL RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE, AND YOU ARE ALWAYS WORTHY OF RECOVERY!!

PS.) I forgot to mention that I’m sweet obsessed, screw the eating disorder, I fucking love chocolate and every sugary thing there is to eat so I’m going to eat them, and you know what… the cavities can join me too.

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