True Beauty.

True Beauty.

You’re so much more than what the eye can see,

You’re a beautiful being simply to be.

The world will try to change you into something you’re not,

But its forgot just what true beauty has not.

You are more than just a pretty face,

So, don’t be disgraced by your size or your race.

True beauty holds a person’s heart,

not a mirror to soon be forgot.

Worth isn’t based on a scale,

So, don’t be left frail and bound by betrayal.

Beauty can only be found from within,

So, don’t let the shallow win,

and convince you to be stick figure thin.

There are more types of beautiful than the one people praise,

Way more who are beautiful in our own special ways.

Inside were all human although some seem to have forgot,

But for the ones who have not,

Inside we are beautiful where those people are not.



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