Holidays 2017!









Holidays 2017!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, I know I have! For me its definitely been a fun and eventful season, from shopping to ice skating, the holidays have been so delightful! I can’t wait until its Christmas time again!


I think most of my time was spend at the mall buying lots of gifts, but also hitting up those after Christmas sales!

(Which by the way Zara and Topshop had some really awesome sales!)

2017 Christmas!

My 2017 Christmas was lovely, I had the joy of spending the whole day in my PJ’S with my family and my wonderful boyfriend Lundan. We all had a blast as we exchanged presents and enjoyed all the festive foods! 

Also Mabel (my bunny) got a little pink winter hat from Santa, which surprisingly she loves to wear! 

Ice Skating!

I went Ice Skating with some old friends, we caught up on our lives and had a blast slowing gliding on the ice! We also recreated a photo we took years ago when we were little because we were skating on the same ice rink that the original photo was taken!

(This Ice Skating trip was a WIN for me because for once I didn’t fall over!)

New Years!

New Years Eve was lovely,  I started it off by relaxing at Starbucks with Lundan, and reading “the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur”.

( Which if you haven’t read this yet it is also as amazing as “milk and honey”, both are a beautiful read!)

In the evening we went out for dinner with my family, then went home to relax. Lundan and I watched the new season of Black Mirror on Netflix as we waited to welcome in the new year, then at Midnight we had our very first New Years Eve kiss! 

(A Perfect Start to the New Year!)

Happy New Year Everyone! 




Photos 2-4:

Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff

Pants: Zara

Top: Zara

Scarf: Banana Republic

Bag: Coach

Photo 5:

Cardigan: Lucky Brand

Jeans: Free People

Scarf: Banana Republic

Top: Banana Republic






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