Advent Calendar Ready!

When I was a little girl I loved my Advent Calendars! I remember I used to be thrilled to eat a chocolate every morning knowing Christmas is getting closer and closer!
Throughout the years and growing into adulthood every December I got excited for my chocolate Christmas countdown, that was until I met something evil who wasn’t thrilled about it, an Eating Disorder.
Suddenly my beloved tradition wasn’t a countdown to Christmas anymore it was a counting of calories, a number to avoid.
It turned into a fear, a horror to have to open, no longer was it fun.
This year, two years into my recovery from Anorexia I’m proud to open my Advent calendar, I’m thrilled to eat a chocolate not only because it’s counting down to Christmas but also because it’s a daily reminder of how far I have come, of the demons I have defeated.
So this morning I eat this little reindeer chocolate with pride, keeping in mind the smile on the little girls face I once was, of a smile that is slowly returning.


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