Fitness Trackers, and Recovery.

Fitness trackers, now a days nearly everyone has one, they are considered a monitor of health, a key to an active lifestyle.

But are they really that amazing, or are they more harmful than helpful?

As someone in Recovery from Anorexia Nervosa, Fitness trackers are detrimental to my recovery journey. Before I was official diagnosed with Anorexia, I wore my apple watch




From the moment I woke up to the moment I went to sleep, It had to be on my wrist. I was a slave to it , I had to reach my Calories Burned Goal everyday, even if that meant walking up and down some stairs late at night to reach it, it was a must.

All of this continued until I was admitted into an Impatient hospitalization program, there (to no surprise, even though I was surprised) my fitness tracker was not allowed, and it broke my vicious cycle with fitness tracking.

I didn’t realize this was a problem I had until going into Impatient, I always thought fitness tracking was healthy and good to do, but I learned for me its not.

Today I have been out of impatient for over a year and I did get into the cycle with it again a couple months ago when I started to relapse, But i’ve now put down the fitness tracking and I no longer make physical activities a must. I enjoy doing physical activities for me, and only me, not for a number based goal.

My happiness isn’t determined by the amount of steps I take, or the amount of calories I burn, my happiness is determined by me, and only me.

Recovery Is Worth It! XOXO!

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