Picking a Snack, a not-so-easy task.

Sometimes I have a very difficult time picking a snack, I get conflicted with what I want and what the Eating Disorder wants. I know being in recovery I should automatically pick the food I’m truly craving, but it isn’t always that easy.

For example last week I knew what I wanted for my afternoon snack, but the Eating Disorder’s voice was telling me otherwise, it was telling me I had already eaten too much of one of the components in that snack, so I wasn’t allowed to have it. These times get so hard and frustrating and sometimes takes me forever to pick something. I used to leave the kitchen empty handed because I was so frustrated with not knowing what I wanted but not anymore.

Here are some tools I use that have helped me at times when choosing a snack get tough and feels overwhelming:

  • If I need to grab a snack to take with me on the go, I will grab the first thing that my body actually craves. I get the snack that sounds good and I leave before the Eating Disorder thoughts tempt me to choose a safer snack. I also dont take a lot of options with me because sometime the Eating Disorder gets loud and will convince me to eat the safest option.


  • I talk to someone, whether its my parents, my boyfriend, or my nutritionist I always discuss the Eating Disorders judgements out loud. It really helps me to just get all the Eating Disorders lies out into the open, and to hear what others who understand my struggle have to say about them.


  • Opposite Action, I know what the Eating Disorder wants me to do, So I do the complete opposite. I face my challenges head on, which is difficult and sometimes feels impossible, but is the best way to challenge the Eating Disorder. I always have a journal with me to write down the way I feel, and any judgements the Eating Disorder is convincing me of so I can take it into a therapy or nutrition session and talk it out.


  • Sometimes after I challenge myself thats when the Eating Disorder can be the loudest and the restriction urges get strong and flood my mind, so distraction really helps me in those moments. Drawing, reading, writing, small mindful walks, self care, all help take my mind off of the Eating Disorder and negative body image thoughts.

These are a few of the things I find most useful, I hope they can help others too.

Remember Recovery is worth it, XOXO!

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