Benefits Of Recovery!

I had a really hard weekend with my eating disorder this past weekend, it has been extremely loud and really put me down and in a low mood. So this morning I’ve been looking back on my recovery journey so far, reflecting on all the benefits recovery has given me, reminding myself why I’m in recovery and giving myself inspiration to stick to my recovery. Looking back on my journey so far in recovery I have come a long way, though I know I still have ways to go, the progress I have made so far makes me so proud of where I am today. So I wanted to share a few of the things that inspire me to keep striving towards full recovery, and I hope they can inspire you too!

  • Proper Body Nourishment.

Restoring body nourishment is an amazing benefit of recovery, by filling up your bodies energy and nutrition tanks come with so much goodness! For me once my body levels were properly restores I no longer felt dizzy or had blurred vision when I stood up, I can now stand and sit without the fear of fainting. All my organs are getting what they need from me and my body is able to thrive from all the nourishment and I have so much more energy to do things I love!

  • Peace with Food.

Peace with food isn’t an easy thing to do, even for people without Eating Disorders, but food peace is possible! I am still in recovery and although I still struggle, I have made so much peace with so many foods. Something I never thought was possible, foods I used to cry over, I can now enjoy and eat daily!

  • Happiness, Smiles.

Throughout my recovery process I have cried so much and have had so many feelings completely consume me, anger, sadness, frustration. I never thought I would have to go through so much negativity to get to a positive place. Its a hard thing to go through but the pride, happiness, and smiles waiting on the other side of that negativity are worth facing your fears for.

  • Relationships

Recovery allows you to trust again, and believe you are worthy of receiving love. Whether its Family relationships, Friends relationships, or Love relationships. Recovery brings all of them back into your life and you can trust and enjoy being with those you love, and its wonderful in every way.

  • Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails.

Through nourishing my body, my hair, skin and nails all became strong and healthy again. My hair is now growing back strong and not brittle and I no longer have bald spots anymore! My skin is soft and no longer dry and rashy, and now my nails are long and strong and are not fragile or easy broken anymore. All these things were stripped of nutrients in order for my body to care for major organs, but with proper nourishment and refeeding my body is restoring itself and isn’t forced to be on survival mode anymore.

  • Rediscovering Yourself.

When I first heard of people saying you will find yourself again, I was convinced I wasn’t lost, that I didn’t need to be found. Well that changed when I started stripping away my Eating Disorder I had never felt so lost. I was left with tons of questions like, Who the hell am I? What do I even like? What am I supposed to think about other than food? And I didn’t get all the answers right away at all, Im still rediscovering myself. It is mega frustrating at times and I feel like sometimes I know other people better than I know my own self, But everyday I discover more of me, what I love and what I don’t, things my Eating Disorder had hidden from me for so long.

  • Life.

With all recovery brings, it allows you the greatest thing of all, life. You get your life back, a life free from your Eating Disorder, a life you can live to the fullest. Everyday you can enjoy everything laughing, food, going out, the adventures, all Eating Disorder free! And that is the very best thing recovery gives back to you.

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