Comparison, or in other words the thief of joy, is a dangerous game to partake in, one I’ve fallen into playing a lot with my eating disorder. It’s tricky and there is no way to win at all, the game interrupts and ruins everyday moments, to the point where for me I just want to hide my body because of it shameful comparison to others appearances. And that isn’t fair to my body, just because it doesn’t look like someone elses doesn’t mean its not beautiful too.

My body deserves to be loved for how it is and whatever it will be in the future, its beautiful, unique, and no one has my body but me. We are all different from one another and thats what makes every single one of us beautiful! We are all works of art, unique pieces worthy of appreciation. Sculptures whose shapes are molding over time changing with age to live and enjoy our journeys.

So next time you see someone, and you start to compare and judge your body against theirs, STOP and tell yourself :

“Yes they are beautiful, but so am I. Their beauty doesn’t take away my own, we are all wonderfully beautiful creatures.”

Keep reminding yourself of this, as hard as it may seem to believe, one day it will stick with you, and the comparisons will start to slip away.

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