Degree or No Degree

Two years ago I had to leave and withdraw from my University, Central Saint Martins in London, due to Anorexia Nervosa. I returned home for Christmas break and for severe medical reasons could not return. I contacted the University explaining I needed medical treatment before I could return and they said I could return the following year back to my classes. The though of being one year “behind” others my age in University stressed me out. I felt inadequate for not being able to keep up with my graduating class. I felt like a disappointment a failure for just being one year behind my schedule.
Fast Forward one year later and I was back home after going into a impatient treatment center in Miami, Florida. Well I was impatient and when I was out and returned to outpatient, both my teams told me returning to University in London, far away from home with no treatment team, I was sure to relapse fast. So with so much fighting from my end with both my parents and treatment team, I realized I needed to continue my recovery in order to even live my life, and I withdrew myself from returning that soon to University in London.
I took a couple classes at a local community college in the spring, and planned to go to a State University in the Fall.
Fast Forward to now, Fall Semester starts next month, I applied to U.H. and got excepted. I withdrew my application a couple weeks ago and choose not to return this Fall to University. Right now in my life I have no desire to return to University, I am figuring out what I want to do, Recovery has taught me so much and one thing is I got to do what I want to do and what makes me happy. Im not sure whether or not I will return to university in the future, and honestly either way is perfectly fine with me, as long as I live my happiest life for me and do what I please and find right for me.
I had extremely high academic goals and plans on where and when I would get my degree, and they got derailed. Honestly though I wouldnt wish for them to go as plan, I have learn so much more about myself, learned what life is really about, and have met incredible people along the way.
I know I am not a failure for putting my University on hold or maybe never returning, because I have learned so many lessons these passed two years that no University could have taught me.
I am strong and smart, and no less of a person with a degree or without one.
I am in no way a failure, just a girl doing what is best for herself to live a happy life.

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