Summary of my Recovery Journey so far

Summary of my Recovery Journey so far:

I wanted to write a brief summary of my recovery history, and give a little insight into what my recovery has looked like so far. I don’t go into details, and I don’t talk about weight or calories because I find that unnecessary and not helpful for myself and for those trying to recover.


Two years ago I started my recovery journey from Anorexia Nervosa. I came home from University for Christmas break and for very good reasons was not allowed to return to school due to my health.

I started Intensive Outpatient as soon as I was home, I refused impatient treatment for months even though I desperately needed it. I was told many many many times I would have to be tube fed if I didn’t agree to impatient treatment, it wasn’t until I had to be rushed to the E.R. because my kidneys had started to fail (due to malnutrition) that I agreed to go impatient.

I went to Impatient treatment in Miami, Florida where my family flew out once a month to come visit on the centers Family Fridays. I was in Impatient treatment for around 6 months then was discharged and returned home to my outpatient team. I started back with intensive outpatient and then stepped down to outpatient. I started going through a relapse around a month ago and went back to a more intensive outpatient level, which is where I am currently.

Recovery is NOT a linear process, its all over the place, but I know it will all be worth it when I reach full freedom from my eating disorder. So here is my blog about my ongoing recovery journey.


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