Birthday Brews!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a little while, the past week has been pretty busy, Anyway, Im back! This past weekend was my love Lundan’s Birthday weekend and to celebrate we went to his favorite craft beer brewery located in downtown Houston TX, called Saint Arnold!


When we got to the brewery it was pouring down with rain, and with my wonderful luck, while getting out the car my umbrella flipped inside out and I was soaked, the worst being my shoes which were drowned in a huge river of rain water! No worries though, we got inside, had our ID’s checked (of course), and me being under 21 was given two lovely X’s on the back of my hands… in sharpie…

Once past the Beer Police, we headed to the beer hall, which was super full and created a wonderful atmosphere. We ordered some lunch (they serve food there, but you can also bring your own food if you want for a picnic), then we got our beers, mine being root beer, and Lundan’s being his Favorite beer called Art Car.


They have a Photo Booth located in the beer hall so while we waited for our food we had fun taking photos! We then got our food and found a place to sit, the food was yum, my favorite part though were the fries I pinched off of Lundan’s plate! 🙂

After we finished eating it was time for a brewery tour which consisted of a lot of beer science and fun jokes! The man who led our tour was one of the founders of the company and we snapped a pic with him after the tour!

We then got our last round of drinks, relaxed, then left. When we walked outside it was so sunny (you would have never knew it was pouring earlier), and it made a perfect end to the brewery visit! 🙂

Wearing: Top and Shoes from Zara, Shorts from Banana Republic, Bag from Coach.


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