Reasons for Recovery

Something I haven’t posted about on my blog so far is about my recovery journey from an eating disorder, and I want to do some posts every now and then about my Recovery.  I have been in recovery for almost two years now, and out of Impatient treatment a year this October. Im still on my journey to full freedom, recovery, its a big part of my life and something I’m not ashamed of talking about, its my story, and if talking about it helps anyone else fight for recovery, I want to share it. So here is my first post! 🙂

Recovery is the hardest thing I have every done and still continue to do. The past couple weeks the Eating Disorder has creeped in and I have been loosing sight of why I’m in recovery. I want to remind myself of my reasons to continue fighting the Eating Disorder, and to continue to be in recovery.

  • Get My University Degree: I want to go back to University and get my degree. The eating disorder was the reason I had to stop in the past but its not getting in my way  when I go back in the future to get my degree and become the photographer I dream of being.
  • Food Freedom: I want to laugh over a meal with others, order whatever I want without the eating disorders rules guiding me. I might get married one day and I want to be able to enjoy my delicious wedding cake with the one I love and not be calculating the calories in my mind. Freedom and the thought of making lovely memories without the eating disorder gives me so much hope.
  • Nourishment, Energy, and Strength: I want energy so I can travel the world, and explore. I want strength to care for not only myself but for others too. I want my body strong enough to nourish myself and maybe one day, be strong enough to nourish and care for a baby of my own.
  • Being Comfortable with me: I want to be comfortable in my own skin. I want to feel good when trying clothes on while shopping, I want to wear a swimsuit out with pride. I want to appreciate all the amazing things my body can do, and stop trying to change it. I want to accept myself for me.

These reasons are some of the few that inspire me and keep me on my journey to recovery everyday. I will be able to do all the things I want to because I make my future decisions not my eating disorder. I will have MY future without an eating disorder, because I want recovery and I will get it.

One thought on “Reasons for Recovery

  1. You are an inspiration Jessica and I’m sure you will inspire anyone who reads about your hard journey. Keep the faith and continue to work as hard as you have done these past two years. You are beautiful and you are loved so much. Xxxxx.💕💕


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