Saturday, Sunday, and The Strand

Woohoo!! This past weekend was my birthday weekend, because birthdays are an all week thing, not just a one day occasion of course!! Friday was the big day I turned 20, my boyfriend Lundan brought me flowers and took me out to dinner and it was so lovely, as always!



My Family, Lundan, and I continued the celebrations on Saturday and went to The Strand in Galveston, TX. The Strand is one of my favorite places in Galveston, it has lots of quirky shops and good vibes, making it a lovely place to chill and walk around on a nice summer day. When I decided to go it rained of course, but rain wasn’t going to stop me from exploring. Lundan and I wondered around and investigated shops, Somewhere in Time and Hendley Market are my favorites shops to go to there, they have such eclectic stuff!

Being the mature 20 year old adult that I am, I choose a really sophisticated fancy restaurant for my birthday dinner. Yup you guest it, The Rainforest Cafe! So I hadn’t been in years but always remember loving this place as a kid and had to go back. Haha, so thats where we all went for dinner, and you can’t go to The Rainforest Cafe without getting a Volcano for dessert (which was definitely as tasty as I remember)! The beach sky was beautiful when we left. The ocean was so calm it blended with the sky, only clouds and light waves telling them apart, an absolutely gorgeous view.


Sunday was sunny of course, and super relaxing. ┬áLundan and I spent the day together, we went to one of our favorite cafes, called Hanan’s Cafe, and had lunch. There, we chilled out with morning mimosas and tasty tea. After we spent the rest of the day as couch potatoes, we watched so many films and tv shows! Definitely a lovely day to end a perfect birthday weekend!

Wearing: Dress by Banana Republic, Bag by Tory Burch, Watch by Apple, Bracelets by Mulberry.



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