Vivid Vintage



Im obsessed with this pink vintage evening gown! I saw this gown in a local vintage store here in Houston called Vintage Revival (its amazing), and was mesmerized by its old fashion glamour. I imagined so many events a dress like this would be worn too. Funny story though, I haven’t actually gone out in it yet, I have just worn it around my house. I bought this dress to go to a summer wedding in, but unfortunately couldn’t attend the wedding due to some medical reasons (I did see photos of the wedding though and it looked gorgeous)!

Anyway, I was looking at this gown hanging in my closet, and decided I’m going to get all dressed up in it. I paired it with some grey lace heels, a small beaded vintage bag, and added some sparkle with some crystal earrings, bracelet and necklace by Givenchy. All dressed up and ready to go, I went into Disney Princess mode and started twirling all around my house, and received some very weird looks from family members as to why I was dressed up and twirling! Eventually, tired out from twirling I wanted to lounge around, I realized an evening gown just isn’t practical when you want to transform into couch potato mode, and ended up changing into some sweatpants and a baggy shirt to watch some Netflix.

So now I’m just waiting for some event to come up to wear this too, but until then my family is just going to have to get used to my occasional dress up days around the house!

Wearing: Evenning Gown and Beaded Bag from Local Vintage shop called Vintage Revival, Shoes by Banana Republic, Crystal Earrings, Bracelet and Necklace by Givenchy.



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