Riverwalk, San Antonio Texas!


This past weekend my boyfriend Lundan, and I went on a lovely little trip to the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas, and had a blast!


We arrived Friday evening, hungry and ready to eat. We checked into our hotel, and started our search for food. We came across a quaint little restaurant called Ocho, located at Hotel Havanna.



On Saturday we grabbed a quick breakfast, said good morning to the hotels two parrots, and were off on our adventure. Trailed along the riverwalk are all sorts of unique colorful flowers making our morning stroll to the Downtown area beautiful. Once there we went to view the Alamo, you can’t go to San Antonio and not see the Alamo! Went back to the river walk where we stopped at a Italian restaurant for lunch, then ventured to La Lavita. From the top of the Arneson River theatre stairs, we admired the view, then looked around the unique shops and many art galleries. We walked our legs off by the time we were done exploring then spent the afternoon by the hotel pool, soaking in the sun.


Sunday we stumbled upon Pearl Market, a lovely area to eat, drink, relax, and shop. While we sipped our coffee and munched our breakfast at Larder, we watched the many people and many pups walk past and took in the ambience. We then ventured around the market stalls they were selling things from fresh produce, all natural soaps, to even puppy treats (which I did buy for my little pup, Ren)! One of the stalls sold succulents, Lundan and I are suckers for succulents and had to buy a couple. After the market we went to some of the shops around the area, laughing as we tried on sunglasses and goofed around.

With the Alamo, quirky markets, shopping, good eats, and the Riverwalk, San Antonio is a beautiful place to explore, and a place I will definitely be visiting with Lundan again! 🙂


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